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After what seemed like an uncertain and tentative opening few weeks of the year, reality has foisted a strange new order upon the world. An unrecognizable new norm never before experienced even during the World Wars now dictates human existence and behavior. From New Zealand to Iran and from Italy to San Francisco, governments and scientist alike are warning of dire months ahead. It reminds us all of the early prophecies of Nostradamus.

In more instances than one before now the world has been forced to question how the 16th century French prophet managed to almost accurately predict modern day disasters. The clairvoyant sage put out his predictions in short four-lined poems called quatrains which require plenty of interpretation to decode.


The Physician is said to have foretold over 500 years ago that the world will experience an unusual plague capable of decimating much of the globe. Twitter user Mike Twinkle gave the closest insight.
The prediction of a hypothetical period in time when civilization and life will be at risk of partial or complete destruction is also captured in religious prose. It is believed to be a time when only the absolute strongest of creatures could survive.

The Bible talks about a time when disease epidemics, (Matthew 24:7), will run rampant and masses of people will be affected. Scriptures foretell that, due to religious oppression, such a day will indeed come. Revelation 13:15 predicts a “beast” will prevent Christians from carrying out worship. Some flying questions include “Has Doomsday arrived? ” Are we in End times? “Is the Second Coming nigh? Whatever your religious persuasion, discomfort and uncertainty has enveloped the world.


• Global economy in a Tailspin with crashing Stock Markets
• Business profits wiped out
• Injection of intervention funds to save small businesses
• A plunge in Crude Oil Prices
• Massive air flight and Hotel cancellations
• Aclose down of places of worship
• Massive rescheduling of major sporting events
• Cafes, restaurants, cinemas and other leisure and tourist spots closed
• Panic buying of household essentials leading to shelves in Supermarkets
• Closure of schools and universities
• Restriction of movements in certain localities leading to empty streets with a threat of arrest for violators
• Drafting of the military to provide backup emergency services


* Despite all the gloom and doom, there has been a flurry of positive activities to bring back cherry hope for a brighter future. Some of them gathered from various * sources are shared here:
* China’s new cases plummet: China has now closed down its last temporary hospital built to handle COVID-19. Not enough new cases to warrant them and there are no new reports of fresh cases in Wuhan.
* A 103-year-old Chinese woman has made a full recovery from COVID-19 after being treated for * 6 days in Wuhan, China, becoming the oldest patient to beat the disease.
* Apple has reopened all 42 of its Apple retail stores in China.
* Cleveland’s MetroHealth Medical Center has developed a COVID-19 test that can now * deliver results in just two hours, rather than in a matter of days.
* After its peak of 909 newly reported COVID-19 cases on February 29th, South Korea has now seen a steady dramatic drop in the number of new cases reported daily.

Experts predict that Italy has seen a higher mortality rate of COVID-19 given its significant aging population, as well as its higher percentage of COVID-19 patients with pre-existing health conditions. This might suggest that COVID-19’s fatality rate may have been slightly more inflated than previously thought for the general population.
More than 50 scientists in Israel are now working to develop a vaccine and antibody for COVID- 19, having reported significant breakthroughs in understanding the biological mechanism and characteristics of the novel coronavirus.

Three patients in Maryland who tested positive for COVID-19 have now been reported to have “fully recovered.”
A network of Canadian scientists isolated the COVID-19 virus, which can now be replicated to test diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines.

* San Diego biotech company Arcturus Therapeutics is developing a COVID-19 vaccine in collaboration with Duke University and National University of Singapore.
* Seven patients who were treated for COVID-19 at Jaipur’s Sawai Man Singh (SFS) Hospital and Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital in India have recovered. The treatment protocol will be widely scaled to other hospitals.
* Some of COVID-19’s hardest hit nation victims are already emerging strong after peak infection, and biomedical innovators are tackling the virus at unprecedented speeds.
* It may well be that lOx more are infected but subclinical. So is the mortality rate 4% or 0.4%?
* We will find out as large scale¬ testing comes reliably online.

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