Culinary Delicacies for the Season

By: Khadijat Abdulkareem

The special season of Christmas treats family and friends with mouth-watering delicacies that leave everyone with a compelling appetite for more. These delicacies range from local to continental dishes. Christmas cakes have become a compulsory delicacy for the season because of the combination of the best things from the pantry; dry fruits, exotic spices, well-aged spirits which add up to create a unique, attractive and classy design for cakes that complements the season of happiness. The season is generally celebrated with wines iced creams, small chops and other pastries.

Nigeria Okro soup with assorted meats
Nigeria Grilled Fish,’Boli’ And Pepper Sauce

Around the world, Christmas delicacies vary. In Britain and Europe, the main meal for the festivity is Turkey. In Poland, the celebration is with dishes such as borscht and dumplings. In Italy, families celebrate with dishes such as il cotechino, a sausage made from pig’s intestine. Some of the most mouth-watering dishes come from Iceland like Puffin or roasted reindeer. Also in Germany, Christmas celebrations are laced with roasted goose and red cabbage. Slovakia has its unique delicacy for Christmas called kapustnica; a thick saucekraut soup with fried carp. Mexicans prefer traditional stew and fish dishes with spicy tamales (corn dough pastries) with sweet fritters called bunuelos. In America, they settle for roasts with pumpkin or apple pies for desert.

In west Africa, there is no Christmas party without Chicken stew heavily seasoned with spices right down to the bone which males for tasty eating served along with white rice. In addition, curried goat stew is perfectly enticing for the season. In Liberia Christmas is celebrated with Chicken Gravy, a combination of chicken, fish and shrimps. The Cameroonian will go down with seasoned fresh chicken grilled and smothered in a spicy tomato  sauce, while the Mozambicans treat themselves with the PeriPeri grilled chicken. Nigeria is not left out of these season ‘festival of food’. Feasting and dinning is an integral part of the season, the more the delicacies the merrier the festivity.

Creamy Sponge Cake
Germany’s Roasted Goose

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