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Fascinating Tarkwa Bay

By: Josephine Utake

If you are one of the many people strained by the hustle and bustle of the city life and are thinking of having some fun in the sun and on the beach as well as doing it on a budget, then look no further. Tarkwa Bay is an island of fun, excitement and relaxation made only the more spectacular by the beauty of nature all around it. It is installed along the Atlantic coast and luckily for Nigerians and tourists alike, just off the Lagos Harbor! Ok wait, maybe I exaggerated a bit. If you are used to visiting nicer beaches in Lagos- Casa llashe, Atican etc., you will turn your nose up at Tarkwa Bay.

Tarkwa Bay is a 15-20-minute boat ride away from the Lagos Island. Just get to the ferry point at CMS and pay for your seat. A ferry (the danfo’s of the water ways) cost 150NGN per seat and can take up to 10 passengers in one trip…yes, only! You need to look out for a driver that looks sensible and mature though because some of them like to instill fear into their passengers just for the fun of it. Ask me how, you can just be going and before you know it, oga has turned off his boat . Or worse, he keeps jumping on all the big waves and you will feel sick before you even get there. On arrival at the Island, you are expected to pay an entrance fee of 200 NGN.

The island is known to get a bit crowded, however, there are easy ways to get around this if you and your friends or family are looking to have a more peaceful time. For instance, visiting the beach during weekdays or simply planning your visit off the festive seasons and holidays goes a long way in getting you the experience that you never even knew you were missing.

Tarkwa Bay brings the phrase, “life is what you make it” to reality considering the fact that very little is free at Tarkwa Bay. You pay for umbrellas to shade you from the sun, you pay for chairs or one of their snazzy cabanas. There are many vendors all across the beach trying to get you to buy one thing or the other, food, meat, all sorts of alcoholic mixtures, water, palm wine and even swimming suits.

Do not let this discourage you if you are on a budget. Simply go prepared, take as much food, drinks, speakers, board games and whatever other essentials you may need along with you in order to cut costs, the beach has no restrictions regarding this. If you can manage to carry them across via water, you will be fine. Tarkwa bay is also considerably one of the best places to indulge in a truly fresh fish barbecue as you can approach the fishermen right as they come to shore, select as many fish as you are able to afford and have it sent straight to the grill. This is one of the perks of being so close the nature.

You can also enjoy horse rides along the beach or even a simple walk with your loved ones while taking in the fresh air, enjoying the sand, waves and the general atmosphere of the shores. Many visitors also enjoy surfing and swimming in the ocean, so if you are one of the ocean lovers do not forget to bring all of your gear. The last boat leaves Tarkwa bay for the Lagos Harbour at 6pm (try not to miss it) leaving you with the final treat of breathtaking views of the sun setting along the horizon and hopefully with a yearning for another visit to Tarkwa bay.

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