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The strict rules that regulate life in the orientation camps scattered across the country has repeatedly come under intense attack, not the least from some serving members who would rather remain in their respective comfort zones. There has been many reported cases of corpers who tried, largely unsuccessfully, to dodge mandatory early morning drills on account of presenting dubious medical reports. Others have attempted to claim cultural or religious reasons for non-conformity with some set rules.

For the fashion-conscious female corps members, wearing the cheap and baggy khaki uniforms is one rule too many! Such corpers usually develop ingenious ways to still make their fashion statements by altering the size and style of the NYSC outfits. Others go as far as organising and participating in Camp beauty pageants or other fashion-related endeavour. Such deviant behaviour has consistently brought some of them in collision with Camp regulations but has it abated? Below we serve you some funny sides of fashion statements regularly made by serving female Youth Corpers.

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