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Paradise By the Lake. By: Stella Ariwodo & Josephine Utake

Nigeria’s Capital city of Abuja prides its self with the tag of “Africa’s most planned City” from its amazing labyrinth of dual carriage paved roads to an amazing sprinkle of wonderful architecture, Abuja provides a refreshing experience to the first-time visitors. The undulating clean streets combines with the various hills that dot the city landscapes to give a complete ambience of how best to co-exist nature with the very dictates of modernity. It is therefore unsurprising that most Abuja hangouts are themed around parks and gardens. But it is the celebrity hang-out known as Jabi Boat Club (JBC) that provides the most enthralling relaxation environment.

Set on the bank of the man-made Jabi Lake which snakes across the northern axis of the city, the JBC enjoys an idyllic concept that combines food, drinks, sports, relaxation, peace and tranquility alI rolled into one. Established in September 2017, JBC comprises of a traditional boat house with an upper and lower deck made out of wood and bamboo.

A Jet-Ski rider enjoying the Lake from the Jabi Boat Club

The facility further hugs mother nature  with a white sand & beach area surrounded by an airy 3-tierterrace sit- out dotted with coconut trees and well-manicured flower beds. JBC has cut a niche in several fronts namely “best burger in town” ever chilled drinks & cocktails and an ideal location for several celebrity photo shoots and movie scenes. Beside tasty meals & snacks and rich  inexhaustible bar, JBC has played host to popular music artist such as Falz, Tubaba & others at season events like the New Year countdown, Valentine Day events and other major public holiday occasions. The expatriate community in Abuja love the safe, clean & breezy ambience provided by JBV but perhaps their biggest attraction continues with a variety of water -crafts such as ski-jets and even luxury cruise boats.

The towering frame of the owner and “Kaptain” of JBC Mr. Ferguson Uzoma is an unmistakable sight for patrons. Usually dressing in Caribbean shirts complete with his sailor’s cap, the ever-smiling “Kaptain” Ferguson is a study in hard work and innovation as he drives his crew to every limit in attending to the personal comfort of clients. The former banker got th e inspiration for JBC from his many international travels as well the membership of many similar clubs at home and abroad. The personal passion for water -based sport drove the “kaptain” into providing a first- class relaxation spot for residents and visitor alike. If you think a relaxation spot: think Jabi Boat Club; the place with unique scenery for those who wish to relax and enjoy the movement of assorted boats swirling through the waterways, splashing water and bobbling up and down as they navigate through the water channels.

Customers enjoying the breezy ambiance of the Lake

The tranquility of the ambience is a serenade to the soul. Jabi Boat Club (JBC) is located at 26, Alex Ekwueme Way, Nera Hotels Waterfront, Opposite Bouygues Construction, Jabi District, Abuja. This beautiful part of Jabi is nothing less than a perfect location, the street is very quiet, well lilted, less traffic of vehicles, and has atm facility and creational park with water front. The boat club is a beautiful one storey of bamboo, no part of this structure has a single concrete or metal, even the floor is made of wood. Sitting on the Shore of Jabi Lake, the JBC provides water based recreational facilities for the people of Abuja and its environs. It is the perfect lakeside to unwind with its state-of-the-art water-based sporting facilities like speed boats,paddle boats for both adult and children, mini boat that can accommodate a get together of eight and even local Canoes for people who want to have the experience.

This place gives you the perfect time to reflect, appreciate nature after a stressful day with the cool breeze from the water. JBC is a good relaxation spot for families, friends, lovers and children. There is never a dull moment for people of all ages as the club has  activities to accommodate all. The volley ball court sitting on soft white beach sand attracts people from all race and background. The cosy and serenity of JBC is second to none, no wonder it is always busy with birthday parties, reunion, get together, dinner parties and even corporate functions.

Patrons unwinding at an event at JBC

The beauty, comfort and security of this place has made it a regular destination for expatriates and Tourists alike- who have flair for nature, water sports, and recreation under a very secured environment. Photo shots from JBC are most times mistaken for locations in Europe because of the large inflow expatriate across the world. The idea of having a captain onboard dressed as a captain is another fascinating effect of JBC; the Captain ensures customers are well attended to and manages the affairs of the ship. The captain who is always seen from the entrance has a warm welcome with a smile for all customers coming and leaving the club house. One will wonder why you will never miss the presence of the Nigeria Military at every visit, as they always have one program or the other within the premise, this is one of the reasons why people feel very secured around the vicinity.

Natural Wood and Bamboo decor at the Club’s top Terrace

In an interview randomly conducted on customers evaluate the comfort and class of the woodhouse water­front dining area, our respondents had these to say;

Joy Udeh: Jabi Boat Club has the best burger in the entire universe that is why I always go there. I will always recommend it to any one who needs a hang-out spot.”

Olu David: The atmosphere here is cozy with good music from invisible speakers, an awesome view. The assorted drinks and food are delight to the taste buds of anyone who loves good food, in fact I make bold to say, their food can represent Nigeria anywhere in the world.”

Francis Onu: The presence of a quick bike ride on the water makes it a great place for me to hang out; my friends and I love to come here to have fun on sunny days, as the water liberates us from our stressful lives, liberates us from our stressful lives.”

Friends at the Boat Club
A Carnival atmosphere during an event at JBC

Respondent 4: I love to have my out­door celebrations at this place. It is family oriented, nice beach sand, and luxury boat ride, safe for kids to run around. Never knew Nigeria had a great place like this, it’s the best chill out  spot for me in Abuja, as its secured.”

Amaka Eze: The serenity of the lakeside is refreshing, it feels like Paradise. It is a good spot to have corporate sit outs, I intend to introduce my office to the spot for us to have end of year parties and corporate get together here.”

Zainab Alpha: i love to go and take a ride of the boat from one end of the lake to the other. The feeling i get on this boat is second to none, most time i ride it across  the bridge to the extreme and back and at a very affordable price.”

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