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By: Paul Ubaka

It is December, and Christmas is knocking on our doors again, Christmas is seen as a celebration time for Christians all over the world. It is a season of solemn reflection for Christians as well as a period to express love, joy, sharing of gifts, and exchange of visits among family members.

Before we go on to describe the frenzy that is associated with Christmas, it will be important on us all not to gloss over the essence of Christmas as depicted in the Holy Bible. Christmas is celebrated by Christians as our Lord Jesus Christ was born, we propagated holiness and righteousness to all humans. He died for our sins for us to have everlasting life. He preached love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, meekness and temperance as in Gal;5:26, He admonished us to avoid vain glory, provoking each other and envying one another.

As quoted by Amy Rees Anderson in her write up “I am so grateful that Jesus Christ was willing to take a licking” for each of us, atoning for our sins. His selfless sacrifice and infinite love is the true essence of Christmas. May our hearts be full of gratitude for Him and may we show our thanks by treating others with love throughout the Christmas period. The season of Christmas affords Christians the opportunity to plan to travel to the hinterlands to felicitate with family members. It is also an opportunity for our brothers and sisters abroad to come home and have fun with friends they have seen a long while. This is characterized with travel traffic both on land and in the air.

Airlines and transport owners exploit passengers and maximize profits. Flight bookings is difficult to get this season, as wise passenger have booked their flight long ago before Christmas. It is the period flight cancellation and weather disruptions. The palpable condition of roads across the length and breadth of Nigeria do not give joy to commuters, as there are no alternatives for the less privileged Nigerians.

Is it possible for you extricate Christmas from shopping malls as it provide access for intending customers ambience to buy items needed for Christmas festivities, from foodstuff, clothing, gift items, to other pleasurable goods that catch their fancy.

It is a season where business/shop owners introduce sales options such as free shipping, clearance sales to appreciate loyal customers during the year. The introduction of online sales have added to the frenzy of Christmas. Shopping malls such as Shoprite, Jumia etc introduce “Black Friday”, as the promotional sales gather large customers who buy goods at discount prices.

Fashion is not left out of Christmas Bazaar. It affords the young and old to come out in their best to admiration of friends and family members. Tailors/fashion designer work long hours to meet deadlines and they smile to the bank. The ladies are not left out of the hype of outdo each other in different hairstyles that catches the admiration of the opposite sex.

The children and adolescents are enmeshed in Christmas festivities. Parents are obliged to buy new clothes for their sons and daughters as it affords them opportunity to visit friends, family members, amusement parks and some landmark centers within their reach.

The Christmas season is associated with lots of celebrations and festivals. This includes reunion, marriage ceremonies, end-of-year meetings chieftaincy titles, new houses, various forms of carnivals etc. It is a season of Rice and Stew very plenty (RSVP) and assorted brands of drinks ranging from beer, brandy and wines.

The church which is the face of Christmas do organize Christmas carols to depict the season of love, peace and tranquility. The essence of Christmas is to appreciate Jesus Christ and His promise of eternal life to all human beings.

In conclusion, Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is to give spiritual eyes to all without money and price. Even when we celebrate, eating and drinking, we should pause for a moment and vow to live in His image and willingly show infinite live to each other. The God of peace and the peace of God be with us all as we celebrate 2019 Christmas season, Amen.

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