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By: Sanni Mariam

Some European countries celebrate Saint Nicholas’ Day on 6th December, when they leave out clogs or shoes to be filled with gifts and sweets. Later, his feast day became associated with December 25th. The idea that Father Christmas was a giver of gifts became rife several decades ago.

Increasingly, it was aimed at children. Gradually Father Christmas’s appearance became regular, and more related to Santa. He was still found in several different colours, but the idea of a cloak and pointed hat and hood became regular. Santa’s reindeer and sleigh also crossed the Atlantic, and became part of Father Christmas’s tradition. By the 1910s, the idea that they were separate figures was mostly gone, and they became two names for the same figure. “Father Christmas” remained by far the most common name in England, but calling him “Santa Claus” gained popularity, especially in Scotland and Ireland.

The red and white was actually derived from the colours of Saint Nicholas. Over time, the bishops’ red and white robes were replaced by a fur-trimmed suit. Historians argue that bishops’ robes appeared in many different colours but the red one came to be linked to Father Christmas during the 19th century.

Why Do We Have Christmas Trees?

Romans used fir trees to decorate their temples during Saturnalia, a feast in honour of Saturn, the god of agriculture, and the predecessor to Christmas. In northern Europe, people planted cherry or hawthorn plants, or created pyramids of fruit or candles. Evergreen trees were thought to keep away evil spirits and illness, and were put up during the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, to remind them that the summer would return and plants would grow again.

Source: The Telegraph. Such a wonderful place to be.
It has long confused people how the great Santa Claus can travel the entire world in just one night.
Does he use time travel? Or is he just really fast?
These scientists have the answer to that question.

According to Albert Einstein, there is a particle called a Tachyon which can move faster than speed of light, also this particle can travel faster than time “So if Santa uses Tachyon technology he can time travel, he doesn’t even need 24 hours to reach all the children.
“In fact he could go around the world in as much time as he likes and I’m sure he is packing plenty of tachyon particles into his sleigh to make that fantastic journey around the world.” For those that think he is not time travelling in some shape of form you would have to think he is travelling.

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