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By: Bose Alonge & Mariam Sanni

The importance of keeping fit underscores the reason why you have fitness club or gym popping up in every nuke and cranny to the extent that roads and streets           think   that            it is for young people   field or gym alone it can be done in are fast becoming fitness centers.  This dynamic is being fuelled by a number of important reasons such as health issues, weight-watchip and healthy lives.

An aerobic dance class

Keeping fit has become a necessary phenomenon in Nigeria and all over the world, as it has continue to help families, young and old. Doctors’ also advised that daily exercise is essential and good for the body. In the past people believed that exercise is undertaking by sport men and women, but upon discovering the health benefit of exercise to mankind, people realized that it is a vital healthy life and renewal of vital organ of the body.

Participants at a Yoga Session

Generally, people feel that exercise is for persons that are overweight and those on the slim side believed they don’t need to exercise. Some even think that it is for young people alone, contrary to the assertion that both the old and young need exercise to keep body fit. It has been medically proven that exercising the body promotes physical fitness and also prevents illness. Exercises or keeping fit is not restricted to the field or gym alone it can be done in different places and in various forms such as Aerobics, Jogging, Running, Road work, dancing, skipping, skating, Taekwondo and many more.

A modern in-door Gym

Aerobics as a form of physical exercise combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness (flexibility, muscular strength, and cardio-vascular fitness), it is sometimes known as “cardio”- exercise. The intensity of this type of exercise doesn’t really change and it can last to up to 20 minutes or more. It is usually more fun when performed with music and in a group with a led instructor (fitness professional), although it can be done alone without musical embellishment.


Practitioners of long steady cardio (aerobics exercise) have managed to inject style to it with the advent of salsa and calypso dance as a form of exercise pattern. Dance has always been part of human culture, rituals and celebrations. Today, most dancing is about recreation and self¬expression. Dancing is an enjoyable way to be more physically active and stay fit. The benefit of these form of dances as exercises ranges from improving the condition of the heart, lungs and mental functioning, strengthening body muscles and bones, weight management and greater self- confidence and self¬esteem amongst others.

Each class of these dances are designed for certain level of experience and taught by a certified instructor with a specialty area related to their particular class. It is usually performed in the morning of weekends or evenings of selected days of the week.

Jogging and Running; are known to be conventional. Jogging is a form of brisk walk or running at a slow pace with less stress while running involves higher intensity to increase body physical fitness. These forms exercises are now super fun with some kind of prop added to compliment it, such as listening to Music via earpiece, group or community jogging/running, freebees, mileage trackers, calorie counters, and heart rate monitors. They are mostly done in the morning or in evening. Interval Training often known as High Intensity Interval Training has been around for many years. It is a type of short burst training where one mixes short period of hard exercise with short period of rest, it is considered to be superior to long steady cardio exercise owing to the fact that apart from improving the capacity of the lungs and heart, it aids in burning fat faster.

A mother and child affair

A mother and daughter bond during a run Other types of exercise that are enthralling and common today are: Skating, skipping, swimming, dumbbell circuits, barbell circuits, body weight circuits and so on, Wearable Devices such as fit bit, Apple watch, Garmin and even many of our Smart phones have personalized biometric health statistics’ People now take advantage of these technology how many steps they take in a day, how many calories they burn, what is their heart rate or what their blood pressure is. A trend that is making people to be more in tune with how best to keep fit.


The heightened level of consciousness of what people consume as food today is at its peak. Many have now cut down the quantity of processed food they take in leaning more towards organic or natural food. In the quest to loose weight a lot of people have taking to practices like ketoism, a practice that permit one to feed on protein based diet alone. Considered to be quiet expensive and rigorous, many in Nigeria still see it a way of losing fat very quickly. What you eat after and during an exercise is important in other to get the actual result.

Mostly, people preferred tight fitting clothings during an exercise which is not a bad idea, people believe that the lighter the cloth you waer during exercise, the merrier and comfortable you will be. Irrespective of how people go about to ensure that they keep fit, what stands clear is achieving the target outlined for a specific period.

It’s not something you figure out once and forget about. It requires an immense amount of discipline, adaptability, and patience, spread over time and years of everyday life. As you get older, maintaining your level of health and fitness gets trickier. Things will change with time, so be ready to adapt. These 10 habits will give you a baseline. and hopefully keep you fit forever.

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