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Women Issues Take Centre Stage

In recent times gender issues have fought their way onto the front burner of public discuss.
Given their highly emotive, women naturally get attracted to topics that border on sensibilities they hold dearly. That is why issues such as Rape, Divorce, Widowhood, Family and matters relating to Children continue to rank high to women across the world.

It was therefore no surprise that when Elder Evangelist Comfort Etta launched her latest literary works, the titles included; The Widows and Widower’s Path, The Missing Ribs and The A-Z of Rape.

In discussing rape related issues, the author elaborately reviewed the Nigerian Sexual Offence Bill 2015 which frowns at intercourse with minors, gang rape, lacing drinks with drugs, Sex tourism, sexual harassment and as well as trafficking in persons amongst others. The book also counsels young females on how to identify predators and their nebulous acts.

Comfort Etta, the author

In The Missing Ribs, Comfort Etta assesses the beauty and various types of marriages. She also recommends some recipe for successful marriage including, total submission, unconditional love, knowing when to apologise and shielding matrimony from family intrusion.

The plight of spouses who have lost their loved ones is the central theme that runs through the entire book titled The Widows and Widower’s Path. Leveraging on the maxim that ‚ÄúLife Must Go On, the writer exposes the tearful and difficult challenges that afflict widows and widowers and ends the book with strong recommendations on the need for staying power for all who are traumatised.

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